Point Guards

  • #4 AJ Uithaler

    #4 | AJ Uithaler


  • #7 Tim Shodipo

    #7 | Tim Shodipo


    Height: 6 ft 0″
    Hometown: Chicago
    Fav NBA Team: Chicago Bulls
    Fav College Team: Duke Blue Devils
    What NBA player do you resemble and why? Derrick Rose because i use athleticism & skill to my advantage, come from humble beginnings , & play for my team.
    Hobbies: Video games
    Proudest moment of your career: Scoring 35 points in a Chicago Bulls Academy summer league semi final game.
    Favourite Quote: “Jesus said his yoke is easy to bare, therefore everything is easy money” – Kevin Durant

  • TBC

    # | TBC


Shooting Guards

  • #4 Luke Baker

    #4 | Luke Baker


    Height: 6″2
    Hometown: London
    Fave NBA team: OKC thunder
    NBA player I resemble: I would say Kyle Korver – just a knock down shooter.
    Hobbies: I’m a massive movie fan, Dexter at the moment takes up alot of my time, socialising with friends
    Proudest moment: Taking westminster warriors from D4 to D1 winning midnight madness in 2009
    Fave Quote: “He who feared he would not succeed sat still”

  • #6 Marvin Addy

    #6 | Marvin Addy


    Height: 6ft 2″
    Hometown: South London
    Fav NBA Team‎: OKC Thunder
    Fav College Team‎: North Carolina
    NBA player I resemble: Richard Jefferson because similar game, he’s old and still a little bit athletic
    Hobbies: Basketball, movies, music, hanging out with friends and family and series box sets.
    Proudest moment of your career: Being voted 2001/02 Season MVP by Worthing Thunder fans
    Favourite Quote‎: “Don’t put the keys to your happiness in somebody else’s pocket”
  • #8 Robert Odia

    #8 | Robert Odia

  • #9 Tom Martin

    #9 | Tom Martin


    Height: 6’2
    Hometown: Leeds
    Fav NBA Team: Knicks
    Fav College Team: Michigan
    What NBA player do you resemble and why? I’d say I base my game on Manu Ginobili as he’s worked on all aspects of his game and he always plays within his role, whatever that may be.
    Hobbies: Watching Movies, Reading Autobiographies, socialising with friends and eating tremendous proportions of food.
    Proudest moment of your career: Winning Division 2 League Title, Winning the Patrons Cup, Winning BUCS Northern Premier and gaining promotion to EBL Div 1 all in one season with Leeds Carnegie
    Favourite Quote: “There’s only one ball”

  • #12 Robert Gellatly

    #12 | Robert Gellatly


    Height: 6ft 2″
    Hometown: Brixton
    Fav NBA Team‎: Chicago Bulls
    Fav College Team‎: North Carolina
    Hobbies: Reading,eating and basketball.
    Proudest moment of your career: Undefeated all season at Northampton University‎.
    Favourite Quote‎: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”


  • #10 Uche Umekwe

    #10 | Uche Umekwe


  • #11 Ray Akpofure

    #11 | Ray Akpofure


  • #15 Daniel Dunscombe

    #15 | Daniel Dunscombe


    Height : 6’9
    Hometown: Littlehampton, Sussex
    Fav NBA Team: Chicago Bulls
    Fav College Team: Michigan 
    What NBA player do you resemble and why? Plumlee brothers, good bounce, quick, aggressive and blonde hair – I guess?
    Hobbies: Whisky drinking, listening to records, cycling and playing ball, of course. 
    Proudest moment of your career: Winning the national trophy with Essex and captaining my university. 
    Favourite Quote : A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t – [Jack Dempsey]

  • # 11 Piero Lusiani

    #11 | Piero Lusiani


    Height: 6ft 2″
    Hometown: Milan
    Fav NBA Team: Orlando Magic
    Fav College Team: “Madrid” I don’t really follow college basketball.
    What NBA player do you resemble and why? Ginobili, because he does always the right thing at the right moment.
    Hobbies: Art and design
    Proudest moment of your career: We won C2 Italian league.
    Favourite Quote: “Don’t think, just run and do what I tell you!” Dante Gurioli.

  • # TBC

    # | TBC



  • #14 Derano Green

    #14 | Derano Green


  • # TBC

    #11 | Vanessa Da Silva

    2013/14 stats: 6.69 PPG | 8.75 RPG | 1.19 APG | 2.25 SPG

HEAD COACH: James Markham  

ASSISTANT COACH: Klemen Sustersic